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Welcome to the Sisterverse!!

Purple Planet

Power Sisters is a collection of generative and handpicked NFTs ready to explore the metaverse. We are a community-first project aimed at empowering women in education and providing female artists the opportunity to make the important connections necessary to excel in the web3 space.


Public Mint


Mint Price
0.005 ETH

Roadmap 1.0: Post Sale Goals



Discord Community

We will start our DAO community with all NFT holders, there will be holders-only channels. They will have the option to express their views and vote for the progress of our project.


Charity (Girl Child Education)

We will be donating 10% of the primary sales to a nonprofit organization that supports girl child education.

Donations will be transferred to
Malala Fund, She’s the First and / or Girls Who Code based on the DAO decision. Once the amount is transferred to the charity, we will publish the transaction details to the public.


DAO Treasury

Following our genesis mint, 60% of generated revenue from the primary sale will go directly towards the DAO treasury. More details about fund allocation, please review our whitepaper



Power Sisters intends to invest in metaverse assets depending on the community’s discretion. We will use the DAO treasury to buy land on one of the popular metaverses in Web 3.

All holders will have an opportunity for
early access to the Sisterverse and its future benefits.


Angel Fund

We will be creating a fund for supporting promising female NFT artists. We will be reserving 5% of our primary and secondary NFT sales (Angel Fund) to buy NFTs from budding female artists in the space.


Success Party Giveaway

We will be doing our success party giveaway. 5% of the primary sales will be reserved for holders only giveaways. Rewards will be given based on the contributions made to the community.


Future Free Mints

Once in every 3 months for the next one year (4 phases), holders will receive a free NFT mint. This will be available only for a limited period but will be announced well in advance.

We will hire a 3D artist to recreate the Power Sisters NFTs in 3D and will be a free mint to all the genesis holders in the future.


  • What is Power Sisters?
    Power Sisters NFT collection is a unique set of generative and handpicked NFTs designed by a budding artist. Our artwork includes 100+ traits to capture the spirit and energy of sisters around the world from the medieval era to modern times!
  • What is our mission?
    Community, Charity, and Metaverse Our mission is to build a community-driven NFT project. Our project focuses on both art as well as creating a metaverse which will be named Sisterverse. We are planning to roll out the project through 4 phases. No matter how much we sell, we will donate 10% of the primary sales to girl child education charity after each phases.
  • When can I mint? Will there be a pre-sale?
    We are yet to announce the mint date The whitelisted collectors can mint NFTs for 0.03 on pre-release date.
  • Will there be a Whitelist?
    There will be 4 different ways to earn a whitelist. Buy one of our Legacy NFTs: These NFTs are pre-launch NFTs created to showcase the early-stage artwork and fund the initial project expenses. All the early supporters who are holding Legacy NFTs will get a chance to mint 1 NFT for each NFTs they hold. There will be some gas fee adjustments for the Legacy holders on pre-sale. Hold one of our Power Token NFTs: This NFT was given for free as part of our Burn N Earn event. There will be more Burn N Earn events coming up in which collectors will get an option to burn their Burn N Earn NFTs to claim a whitelist spot. Discord Invite event: There will be a discord giveaway event and, the top few community members on invite can earn some whitelist spots. Random giveaways on Discord / Twitter: Keep an eye on our discord and Twitter updates.
  • How many NFTs are being created?
    The NFTs of our project mainly are categorized into 4 factions. Our first rollout will feature 999 Unique Human and Goddess Sisters. Human and Goddess Sisters were the original inhabitants of the planet. Our artwork includes 200+ traits to make these NFTs unique.
  • How much will they cost?
    Each NFTs will cost 0.05 ETH for the public sale If you are whitelisted, you can mint them for 0.03 ETH
  • How can I contact the team?
    You can reach us at our Discord or Twitter
Illuminated Rock

Sisterverse History

On a distant planet, Human and Goddess Sisters lived in harmony. The weak and greedy Human Sisters decided to build Robo Sisters to take control of the world by defeating the Goddess Sisters. But the Robo Sisters became self-aware and turned against them. Outnumbered, the Goddess Sisters decided to leave the world only to gain unwanted attention to the Sisterverse from other worlds. Alien Sisters from other planets invaded the Sisterverse and Goddess Sisters came back to fix their mistake. 



The actual inhabitants of the World

Humans are weak in combat without armors or weapons. Strong in resource gathering.



Visitors from another world

Have access to advance technology. As they are not from around here, not good with navigation



Evolved and became beyond human

Humanoids are strong when it comes to combat. Not so good with resource management.



Creator of this world, most powerful beings

Goddesses are the most powerful sisters in this world. There are only a few gods, so crafting may take more time


Our Team

Our Team
Purple Planet





Social Media Manager







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